Few are they who will walk the path unknown, and with them they carry a light into the dark.

A beginning, of sorts.

Our adventure began two weeks in the past with Roester Cogburn and Tourwick Dwobmalkin standing in a crowd in the public square in Riddleport. The crowd had gathered to watch the hanging of a notorious rogue known only as Key (Othneil), later that day in the same square there was to be a slave auction. Roester Cogburn and Tourwick Dwobmalkin were helping a group of freedom fighters free the slaves in the pens at the back of the square. Their goal, to distract the guards by “failing” in an attempt to free the prisoner so the freedom fighters could help the slaves escape with a minimum ruckus. As Key (Othneil) was led through the crowd a hand reached out to give him a mug of ale, Roester Cogburn recognized the symbol on the mug as Cayden Cailean’s. Key (Othneil) drank, what turned out to be, the best ale he had ever had. Afterwards Roester Cogburn noticed an aura around the rogue that marked him as being important to the plans of his god. The Paladin and the Gnome decided then to free Key (Othneil) for real as well as distract the guards. They attacked, the prisoner escaped his bonds and grabbed his equipment. The three ran out of the square and down into some alleys. They hid in a side door from the guards that were chasing them, the side door led into a temple of Pharasma. The high priest of Pharasma, Darvin, met them there, he seemed to be expecting them. He told the Paladin of a temple of Pharasma in Kaer Maga that needed help, he also told them he would help them escape the city and get to Kaer Maga and place a spell on Key (Othneil) that would help Roester Cogburn keep an eye on him if Roester Cogburn and his friends would accept the temple’s quest. Key (Othneil) seemed disinterested until the priest placed the spell on him which required him to do as much good as he had done evil, or slowly wither away.

Darvin then introduced the party to Sorben the caravan merchant who is a buyer and purveyer of antiquities. On the road to Kaer Maga the caravan is attacked by a group of goblins and several ogres. Things looked desperate, with most of the caravan guards dying, until Esme the bounty hunter showed up. Esme is the same bounty hunter that had brought Key (Othneil) to justice before. She decided to help save the caravan, and take Key (Othneil) in for the new reward. The party fought valiantly, and without to much difficulty brought down the attacking monsters. That night the caravan makes it t the town of Answar to rest.

Without any further difficulties they make it to the city of Kaer Maga and meet their preistly contact.



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