Few are they who will walk the path unknown, and with them they carry a light into the dark.

Darkness discovered

Godsmouth Heresy Pumped up

Entering the catacombs the party sneaked down into the chamber of seals, only to have Key trip down the last steps and alert the Darkmantles to their presence. Key was grabbed, but the rest of the party fought them off and freed the embarrassed rogue. They entered the door to the right and spent an inordinate amount of time trying to get through the door that would not open and playing with the statue of an evil god that sat forbiddingly in the corner.
Eventually they went back and opened the door in the center that led to the lower catacombs were they recognized the Caryatid Columns and fought them off successfully. They passed above the Grand Cathedral only stopping to marvel at the statues for a moment and to grab a torch. At the T juncture ahead they made a right and investigated the vestry, the diaconicon, and the prothesis finding the relics of Pharasma that were there. They explored the other branch of the T, stopping to check out the mirror, mirror rooms. Key, Roester,and Tourwick were all reversed while Esme waited outside.
They then explored the ancient archives and ran like little bitches away from the Rune Guardian of Wrath. They went south and encountered the Abandoned Armor. When the cockroach swarm poured out they ran away screaming back up the hallway until Tourwick turned around and cast web on the swarm. They then set fire to the web killing the swarm. They continued on to the houses of beauty, entering greed first. Key was very excited by the find until he figured out it was all fake gems and gold plating. Next Sloth, the empty circle of protection worried them for a bit. Pride, they figured out the illusion quickly. Gluttony, the Gas-burst Zombies were dull and they beat them easily without anybody being poisoned. Lust, the Lustspawn went after Key freaking him out a bit. They couldn’t open the door to envy. Wrath they found the secret door but decided not to explore it. They went back down to the shrine of Lissala where Key figured out the shrine trap and got it’s benefits anyway.
There the party slept, and we ended the game for the night.



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